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I really had fun the first time I visited SMAHS high school. Jesse Manibusan was in town and it was my great honor to have the role of introducing him to the high schools. I walked into SMAHS auditorium and was amazed at what an awesome place it was. The students were incredibly energetic. john-and-jesse-manibusanThey were ready to have some fun at the event. Since that day, I have grown to respect and appreciate the great students of SMAHS. I have been to their football games and I have also been to their school plays, like Little Shop of Horrors. This is clearly a school that is filled with talented, smart students who work together to achieve good things. Our Youth Ministry program is a parish level organization and we exist to serve all students whether they are from public school, Catholic school, or home school. SMAHS students are an important part of our youth ministry outreach.


(Above) SMAHS Production of Little Shop of Horrors

Almost all of the students in our Sunday Life Teen catechetical program are from SMAHS. Catholic School students receive education in the doctrines of the Catholic Faith as part of their normal school day. Obviously this is not part of a normal public school curriculum, so 9th and 10th grade public school students receive their education in the Catholic Faith at Life Teen. We have a whole team of volunteers and catechists who join together every Sunday night during the school year at Queen of the World Church to make Life Teen happen. In addition to catechesis it is a chance to pray with the students, to get to know them better, and to support them in their faith journey.

Here are some pictures from St. Mary’s Life Teen. These pictures were all taken at Queen of the World Church where Life Teen takes place on Sunday nights throughout the school year. We do not carry on any Life Teen classes at SMAHS. Life Teen is a parish program that only takes place at parish facilities. We have such a great time every Sunday night. It is exciting to be Catholic.


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We have a whole team of volunteers who create an immersive catechetical experience for our Life Teen students. It is a fun and interesting way to learn about the Catholic faith.

On the fourth Tuesday of each month we also have a Life Teen club that meets in SMAHS. We do not teach lessons or have class. In this club, those students who choose to attend usually make some crafts and converse for a few minutes. It has been so nice to see students bringing their friends to meetings.

Let’s give a round of applause for all of the sports teams and activities at St. Marys Area school. Football, basketball, band, and every other club and activity are great examples of dedicated students working towards good goals. The future is bright for SMAHS students!