Basically, iCafe is our youth outreach headquarters. On a human level, we all enjoy gathering in places which are restorative, peaceful, interesting, and fun. That is iCafe in a nutshell.


We gather at iCafe for many reasons… like SuperBowl parties!20130203-210222.jpg

…and dinner for Life Teen core team…photo-11

…and tye dying t-shirts to wear at Steubenville Youth Conferences…

…and prayer…

Whenever we need to gather, to talk, to socialize… iCafe is right there waiting for us. A delightful gathering place. A place with comfortable seating and fun snacks. iCafe also features facilities useful for meetings, including large tables, a good sound system, a wall mounted flat screen television, and more. There is also a game room as well as a chapel / secondary meeting room with couches, a large television, and Catholic art painted on the walls. iCafe is a precious resource which is useful for any number of youth ministry outreaches.

WIFI. Music stage. Flat screen TV. XBOX. Comfy tables. Fun atmosphere. You’re worth it!horizontal-separator

Why iCafe? If our only gathering space was an extra supply room somewhere, we would be just fine. We would make do with whatever resources we had to use. In our case, we just so happen to be blessed with a wonderful set of rooms, and we have assembled a team of over thirty parishioners who have poured their time, creativity, and energy into filling these rooms with fun, prayer, and joy. These rooms and the people who fill them with such joy are iCafe. Like a boomerang, iCafe has ended up reinvigorating the energy of our parishes. New volunteers are coming all the time, and one of them recently stated, “I have met the nicest people through iCafe.” She has made new Catholic friends and now her husband even volunteers from time to time as well. He eventually signed up for a Cursillio retreat. Everyone at iCafe contributes their talents, gifts, smiles, and faith to be placed at the service of sharing the Good News with young people. In the process, not only is a wonderful environment provided for young people, but the adults who volunteer also meet new people and form stronger bonds of Christian fellowship.

Details on this page subject to change. We have a lot of fun with coffee, hot chocolate, and the many other snacks we keep in stock. iCafe is not a business. This is a non-profit youth outreach. Not open to the general public. iCafe is for high school students from any high school. A safe and positive hang out for kids. No official relationship exists with Starbucks. We only charge money to cover the expenses of replacing supplies and paying for WIFI. Any additional monies will be split between general youth ministry outreaches and general church donations. We’re glad you choose to hang out here. Peace.


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