Thank You!

Hello everyone!

Serving you as youth minister has been an amazing experience. I am very thankful to God for making it happen and for producing such good fruit during my time here in St. Marys. Very recently, I have been invited to a special new opportunity to concentrate my career more fully on technology, and after much prayer and discernment, I have accepted that opportunity. It is bittersweet because it means I will be moving to a new city and therefore leaving many familiar and friendly faces here in St. Marys. I absolutely love being here in St. Marys, and I think the kids of St. Marys are the best you can find anywhere. You guys are awesome. I am thankful to God for the experience of my time here, praying with you, teaching classes, hanging out at youth events, and working with so many amazing volunteers.

St. Marys has a bright future ahead, and I am confident that the teams we have built will carry on what we already have in progress. I am sure new Youth Ministry leadership will be found and lead you to the brightest days yet!