SMAHS Life Teen Club First Meeting


It was a great pleasure to again join some of the students at SMA high school for Life Teen club today. The SMA Life Teen club is open to all high school youth. We welcomed a few new faces, made some crafts for the retirement communities, and discussed the upcoming beginning to the year of Life Teen on Sunday nights which will begin on September 29. The purpose of the SMA Life Teen club is to provide affirming fellowship for the youth of SMA. Along the way we make many friends, enjoy a small snack, and usually do a good work such as making crafts for the retirement communities. I am very thankful for this chance to get to know even more kids from the high school community and to provide an occasion for positive fellowship.

Today, in addition to making colorful door hangers for the retirees, everyone talked about about how summer went and yes we even told a few corny jokes:

One guy told another guy that someone said he sound like an owl.

The other guy replied, “Who?”