App Club Meets and Eats on Memorial Day!


Because it was a holiday, some of our members could not be present, but we look forward to seeing them next time. Today, we made the leap into the topics of FTP, Objective C coding, and began the transition from JavaScript into PHP coding. We sought contributions for our upcoming youth ministry app release where the members of the app crew will actually be writing portions of the code for the finished app.


Work Nears Completion on Youth Ministry App



There were as many MacBook Pro computers as there were people in iCafe this Saturday. Using Apple’s XCode Integrated Development Environment, work was carried out towards the completion of the forthcoming youth ministry app. After several months of developing code, today all of the code was iterated and reformed from the foundation on up. As a result the app contains far more features such as maps, geolocation, better logic, and the tools needed to save preference data.

SOLD OUT! Youth Ministry Mother’s Day Fundraiser sells 650 Flowers!

This year’s 2013 Mother’s Day youth ministry flower sale was a tremendous success. We have never done this sort of fundraiser before so we were cautious not to order too many. We said that if we sell out this year, then we will know to order twice as many next year. The great news is that we have executed a good fundraiser that did indeed completely sell out our flower inventory. We are profoundly grateful for the support we have received from the parish communities as we seek to honor mothers and to raise funds for our many youth ministry outreaches.

Pictured: Many thanks to Elaine Friedl of Goetz’s flowers for working closely with us to order the high quality flowers. Thanks to Paula Eddy for helping us to connect with Elaine. I first talked to Elaine a month ago in preparation for our big event. She was just so pleased to do anything possible to help out youth ministry.

Pictured: We did not just open the flowers and bring them to the churches. First, on Tuesday when we received them, they had to be cut to the proper length, then stored over night in the Catholic Community Center so that they could open up. On Thursday, we transported them to Straub’s brewery where they were stored in a refrigerator for three days.

Pictured:  Later on Thursday, while the flowers were chilling we assembled a group to work on the ribbons ahead of time. We cut approximately 1,300 individual strips of ribbon to be used for the flowers.

Pictured: On Saturday morning, volunteers gathered to place the flowers into clear sleeves and to tie ribbons on to them.

Pictured: We had a few laughs along the way. The Petersons, Nicklases, and Eddy families were really good at assembling the flowers together and making the carnations look wonderful in their presentation.

photo copy 3
Pictured: On Saturday evening and Mother’s Day morning, over a dozen youth and adults fanned out to the three parishes of St. Mary’s to sell our flowers.

Pictured: A few of our 20 person fundraising team gathered together in iCafe on Sunday afternoon to celebrate a successful fundraising event with a Big Don’s pizza and some pop!

This fundraiser is a general youth ministry fundraiser which will support in various ways:

• iCafe
• Life Teen
• Steubenville Attendees
• Summer Activities
• SMAHS Life Teen Club

… and more!

We are really thankful for all of the support we received. This was a long process which involved many people giving a lot of their time, but it was worth it. This was a great fundraiser. Along the way we had a lot of laughs, raised money, and grew in fellowship. We hope to prepare around twice as many flowers for next year to meet the demand! Thanks to the pastors for their permission to be at all the churches with our flowers on this special day. Thank you to everyone on our fundraising team. Lastly, thanks to all of the moms out there. Happy Mother’s Day!