Trip to Erie, PA to Hear Fr. Larry Richards Talk

johnOn Wednesday March 27, we went on an amazing trip to see Fr. Larry Richards in Erie PA. He gave a talk on the Passion of the Christ. He is not shy about laying out the truth of the Catholic faith, and his talks are delivered with gusto. Fr. Larry has spoken to churches, conferences, and events all over America and in other countries as well. There were hundreds of people filling St. Joseph Bread of Life church in Erie on Wednesday night. Fr. Larry spoke about family life, the power of the Sacrament of Confession, and the passion and death of Jesus Christ. He has been to St. Marys in years past to run a parish retreat. Before going, everyone I spoke to here in St. Marys gave glowing endorsements of Fr. Larry, so I was expecting the talk to be a good one. He was kind enough to mention St. Marys two or three times during the talk, particularly mentioning that due to our long drive it would be kind for people to allow our group to go to Confession first after the talk so that we could begin our drive back to St. Marys. That was thoughtful and considerate! We were doubly blessed to be seeing Fr. Larry. It turns out that a few days before his doctors had found some dark spots on an image of his lungs, but that a few days later, perhaps thanks to so many people praying for him, a second image came back showing no problems. (I hope I am getting these details correct. Fr. Larry only mentioned them briefly during the talk.)

When it was learned that Fr. Larry would be having a talk in Erie, Faith Formation Secretary Patti Wagner stepped up to head the bus for local parishioners who might want to attend. Upon learning of this, it seemed a natural fit to specifically invite teens to this event, and at one of our Wednesday youth socials a few weeks ago, Tom Kerchinski and I invited the teens. Several of them did end up attending and when the trip was done they said they were very glad they went and that it was a good experience.

In the picture below, Patti Wagner is leading a decade of the Scriptural Rosary over our impromptu PA system (a battery powered karaoke machine borrowed from iCafe.)

praying-Rosary-on-bus microphone

To learn more about Fr. Larry, check out the following link…