St. Marys High School Teams Begin New Year

With bonfires and team introductions, St. Mary’s schools kick off the new year in sports.



Parishioners Lead Service Project for CCC Cafe Youth Outreach

On Thursday, August 23, parishioners Tom Kerchinski and John Nicklas lead five youth from the weekly Wednesday night youth social in a service project to build a new live music stage for the CCC Cafe. Later that same day they showed the youth how to build cafe tables. Many thanks to all of the parishioners who are coming together to build the new CCC Cafe.


Pictured: Tom Kerchinski and John Nicklas


Pictured: Local teen removing cork board trim from a wall during the service project


Pictured: The fruit of a good day’s work, a music stage. A box containing stage lights is sitting on the stage. Those lights will be placed on a truss which has yet to be delivered.

Work is progressing, and we could use all the help we can get! Would you like to help complete this youth outreach center which will be open for all high school students from any school in St. Marys? Call John at (814) 781-1042, or to fund further development, checks may be sent to CCC Cafe c/o Youth Ministry Office; 139 Church St; St Marys, PA 15857. Funding is sorely needed to purchase supplies such as paint, chairs, additional tables, and much more. Thank you!